The post I didn't really want to write

This is a post that I didn't really want to write. Ever. 

It's been a long week for me. You see, my dad has been sick for a while now, but the last two months things got progressively worse. Unstable enough to stay at home, he has been in and out of the ICU and other care centers. 

Last Friday I was at a friend's house when my mom called from Oklahoma and told me that his heart stopped and they were attempting to resuscitate him. An hour later, she called again to tell me that he passed away.

So my dad died a week ago and I'm still processing it. It doesn't seem real. And that's why I've been so quiet.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.


Christmas in July and 50% off

It's summer. With a new baby in the house, and my other two kids at home all day, things have gotten a little hectic. My mind tends to think of ALL THE THINGS at once. Let me give you a little rundown...

It's hot - I love rain - I get to wear my Prana mini skorts - don't forget to use tan in a can today - ooh look a squirrel - let's go to the park - hit up Pinterest for some summer paleo meal ideas - it's too nice outside to be vacuuming - RAINBOWS - I got another four mosquito bites yesterday - plan a BBQ - I'm having Wimbledon withdrawals...

It goes on. But the one thing that's not really on my mind is Christmas. Well it should be! And it should be on yours too, because like it or not it's going to be here faster than you think. 

It's time to get inspired and stock up on patterns. Visit my shop any time from now through Thursday 7/16, all the patterns in my Ravelry shop are half off.

Yes, I said 50% off. You got some shopping to do!



Yarnspirations 2015 Look Book and Giveaway

I was so excited when Yarnspirations (the brilliant yarnies behind Patons, Bernat, Caron, and Lily yarns) approached me with a sneak-peek at their new baby look book, Country Mouse & City Mouse, and the chance to preview one of the adorable patterns.

It was hard to choose one, but as soon as I saw the Mousie Snood I knew that was the one. What was even more fun was that I got to put my own spin on the design. Some of you know that I live in Colorado. It's cold here. Well, maybe not in the middle of July, but it will be all too soon. So to make the snood even more snow-worthy, I decided to use Bernat Pipsqueak to add a fuzzy edge for my mountain baby.

To give it that fuzzy look, I began my Mousie Snood with Bernat Baby Blanket on Round 2 using a chainless foundation and continued working until it was the right length. I then attached Bernat Pipsqueak to the bottom of my foundation round and worked 1 hdc in the BLO of each stitch around to create the cozy fur edge.

Enter below for the chance to win all the yarn you need to make your own fuzzy Mousie Snood!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was provided the materials to make the snood, but all opinions and reviews are mine.


Get it before it's GONE

After much thought, I've decided to remove any of my graph patterns that could be considered trademarked or licensed. They will be taken down from my shops on Monday, 5/11.

Before they're gone for good, I'm having a "Get it for the LAST time" S-A-L-E in my Ravelry shop. They are only $1.00 through Sunday. So seriously, go get them while you can!

Help me get the word out and share this post so your friends don't miss out before it's too late.

I'm so sorry that I can't offer these graphs any more, but I can't in good conscience continue to offer something that was inspired by someone else's design. I've debated with myself about this for a while now, which is why I have so few of them that could be called into question. In the end, I need to go with what feels right to me and I finally concluded that means removing them. Even though they are among my favorite graphs and I will miss them, haha.

I welcome all respectful comments and messages if you have questions or concerns.


PS - You should still have access to your graphs in your Ravelry once they are removed on Monday.

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