Don't think of it as Monday...

Think of it as PATTERN DAY!!

I'm so excited to finally bring you my first design of 2015... the Snowdrift Slouch.

Swirl, twist, roll… whatever you call it, you NEED this hat. It’s as fun to make as it is to wear. Versatile, cozy and comfy, with undeniable style. Make it in a solid color or with a color pop. Just make it your own today!

Here's your chance to enter to win a free copy of my new Snowdrift Slouch pattern:

Follow this link to Pin the picture to the left.

Then head over to my Facebook post and leave your Pinterest ID.

Tomorrow (1/13) I'll pick FIVE random winners from all the entries to win a free copy of the Snowdrift Slouch pattern (or another pattern from my shop if you already have it)!



play hard ... play hooky


Happy Hooky New Year!!

2014 is almost over.

It's been a year full of surprises, successes, stumbles, and sc. Ok I'll admit, I was just trying to Come up with something that starts with s for that last one. But when I think about it, it's true with all those Colorado Beanies I made.

How was your year? Do you have any big goals for 2015? Here are a few highlights that were especially meaningful to me (and then on to the coupon code)...

New designs in 2014 - From top left: Mogul Mountain Beanie & Headband, Outfitters Braided Headband, Timberline Beanie & Headband, Snowflake Graph, Boulder Beanie
A look at my most popular Instagram posts of 2014
This was from a couple of years ago, but I couldn't resist.
Show me your Hookstache
Bryn's Candy
Crochet to go
Hooky Milestones:

Some of my favorite blog posts from the year:

And now for some random thoughts on FB from 2014:

  • I swear my couch is a disguised vanishing cabinet and it's twin is in the room of requirement. Some lucky Hogwarts house elf is hoarding my lost hooks. * nerd moment *
  • I wish that the pictures I took in my dreams were saved to my phone when I woke up. They're not. I checked.
  • Do you have massive sneezing attacks when you pluck your eyebrows? Or is it just me?
  • I literally had an ant... in my pants. And it bit me. Twice.
  • Life is good my friends. Life is good even when your toddler falls asleep on your arm, and now you can't feel it, forcing you to put your yarn down.
  • I think I just vacuumed one of my stitch markers. Derp
  • It turns out that when you put your phone in your back pocket, it will fall out and into the toilet if you forget it's there.
  • My husband gets me. We're Netflixing and he just asked, "You haven't heard these episodes yet, have you?"
Ok, I've tortured you with a trip down memory lane long enough...
To celebrate what will hopefully be a great 2015, use the code HOOKYNEWYEAR to get a special discount* in my Ravelry store. It's good through New Year's Day - hopefully you won't be too hung over, errr I mean tired, to use it.

play hard ... play hooky

* Ravelry only allows one coupon to be applied to your shopping cart at a time. The Free Graph with Graph Beanie purchase and other coupons will not be applicable when you use today's code.


15,000 Facebook Fans

Yesterday I posted a picture... a Dobby-esque, crazy yarn lady type picture (and I unashamedly want to frame it). I made my deadline for 24 Colorado Beanies in one month. And that's pretty much what I looked like trying to get it all done. Tired and covered in blue yarn. But at least my hands and forearms were whipped into shape - I wonder if I burned enough calories to have that brownie?

Well this morning I checked in with my Facebook page and had a bit of a shock. I woke up to 15,000 Facebook fans! You know I like celebrating, so as a thank you check out my Ravelry shop and get 40% off your whole pattern order. 

Just use the code HOOKY15000 when you check out all day today (Nov 22).

play hard... play hooky

(I'm still trying to figure out this mobile blogging thing. That's why my pics are suspiciously devoid of hyperlinks. My bad!)


Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday and I'm in the mood to celebrate!

play hard ... play hooky